Open Source

We love open source, and we're happy to give back when we can.

Sometimes, you need a quick easy way to securely share a credential or some other sensitive information with a colleague. For those times, we've created - a fast, modern single-page web app to securely exchange text data with others!

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TPoT (Transport Packets over Tunnels) is a simple (optionally authenticated) remote development/test/demo proxy over HTTP, powered by WebSockets. No additional ports required. Designed as a privately-hosted alternative to ngrok, powered by your existing infrastructure.



STRUBS (Striping & Redundancy using Basic Disks) is a single-host fault-tolerant mass-storage service for providing a scalable storage system for small scale operations. Designed as an alternative to hardware and filesystem based RAID solutions.


There's more to come...

Whether we build a tool to simplify our own development, or a component of another system that we don't care to sell as a standalone product, we'll always continue to release developments to the community when it makes good business sense. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be the first to know when we release new projects.