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Take a look at what we've built for others to gain confidence that we can deliver the results you're looking for.

Sync Scan

When COVID-19 struck, Sync City realized they had an opportunity to help get the country back to normal by enabling rapid temperature checks and accountability. Equipped with thermal scanning hardware, they needed a solid software solution to provide the best user experience to the people entering a business as well as the business management. Signal24 quickly delivered a stable, performant, and easy-to-use solution. Later, when Sync City's customers needed additional features or custom reporting, Signal24 quickly enhanced the software to provide solutions to those needs.

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Surf's Up & SkyVenture NH

The multi-million dollar entertainment facility engaged Signal24 in 2012 to build a digital video recording system to replace their legacy DVD recorders. Since then, we've expanded our software footprint to include automated online delivery of videos & photos, online booking, a custom phone system, electronic gift cards, customer wristbands, and more.

The John Galt Group

The John Galt Group is an IT managed service provider, providing businesses throughout the Atlanta area with the convenience of not having to manage their own technology. As the company has scaled, Signal24 has provided custom software solutions to automate repetitive tasks and cloud hosting solutions for The John Galt Group and its customers to simplify its overall IT management.

D. Geller & Son

With 3 locations, this store is one of the top sellers in the Atlanta area. Though their point of sale software provides the basic functionality needed for day-to-day operations, it doesn't easily provide the kind of reporting the company really desires to drive growth. Signal24 was able to hook into their POS database and provide automated custom reporting that helps drive sales figures significantly higher. We've also provided a few auxiliary tools, such as a quick photo capture tool for appraisals, and a lending decision notification system to simplify the process of customer financing.

But that's not all...

We're not allowed to disclose many of our client relationships - but with over 40 years combined experience, our developers have worked on everything from large enterprise products for airlines to the development and testing of embedded firmware for medical devices. Whether it runs on a tiny PCB that fits on your wrist or integrates with 1200 horsepower turbines to generate a 120 MPH column of air you can float on, our team has the experience to build anything you need.

If this all sounds too good to be true, we promise its not. We'd love to talk to you about how great software can make your life easier.

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